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Тас құралдардың маңызы қандай?

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Тас құралдардың маңызы қандай?

Stone tools are suitable for architectural decoration, stone processing, cutting and grooving of silicate-containing non-metallic brittle materials such as terrazzo, marble, granite, glass, and cement board. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good processing quality, easy use and low labor intensity.

What do stone engraving tools include?

What are the differences in stone cutting tools and how they are used?

What is the role of stone polishing tools?

What do stone engraving tools include?

Stone engraving tools require tools such as chisels, hammers, and drills.

1. Hand carvings. Products that are carved with hand tools such as chisels, hammers, and drills.

2. Semi-mechanized processing of carvings. That is, stone carvings that are partly manual and partly mechanized.

3. Fully automatic CNC machining carvings.

4. Sandblasted carvings. Use a sandblasting engraver for engraving. Sandblasting engraving machine is to use air machine (air pressure 5-6kg/square meter) and emery jet to engrave at the product engraving.

5. Chemical corrosion of carvings. That is, the chemical reaction between the chemical corrosive liquid and the stone is used to achieve the carving of the stone. There are two kinds of embossing (relief) and intaglio.

What are the differences in stone cutting tools and how they are used?

1. Machine stone cutting tools

Common tools: infrared bridge cutting machine, hand-crank cutting machine

Operation method: Install the slice on the cutting machine, adjust the cutting depth, place the artificial marble on the work surface, determine the size and start cutting

2. Hand stone cutting tools

Common tools: Portable cutting machine

Operation method: Now lay the artificial marble flat, measure the size with a ruler and draw a line, then install the stone cutting piece, and cut it slowly from the line. It is necessary to add water from a mineral water bottle to improve efficiency.

What is the role of stone polishing tools?

Stone polishing tools include grinding machines, grinding wheels, grinding discs, polishing machines and more.

The role of stone polishing tools is to solve the pollution, weathering, holes, dullness and other phenomena caused by marble decorative stones such as marble floors, walls (or exterior walls), countertops, and columns. The solution is to use chemicals, mechanical , tools, etc. are cleaned and polished to restore the marble slab surface to the same brightness and more ornamental effect as before the initial installation and laying. In actual work, the linear speed of stone polishing machines is limited by equipment conditions, the quality of polishing machines and the nature of the stone being polished. From the perspective of the best service life and grinding efficiency of the grinding machine, the linear speed of the grinding machine should be selected according to the properties of different stone materials. When grinding granite, the linear speed of the grinding machine can be selected within the range of 25m to 35m/s.

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